A Small War

"It's only a little war we want."


Makes time go faster! Cannot go above than 10.
Slows time down! Cannot go below 0.

A Small War

Welcome General, to your nation! Here are the latest statistics on your nation.




Here you can assign your workers!



Tax Collectors



In your service.


Here, go on expeditions and maybe return with something!


Here, build things that will make your citizens happy and you rich. At least in theory, anyways.


Produces 1.5 food each, you'll need it to feed your populace! Costs $10 and 1 territory.

Houses 5 extra people in your nation. Costs $75 and 1 territory.

Stores an extra 500 food, in better conditions. Costs $100 and 1 territory.


Allows you to hire swordsmen and archers! Costs $100 and takes up 2 territory.

Helps house and train better soldiers like pikemen and longbow men. Costs $250 and 3 territory.

Enhances your food production by 50%! Also, provides water. Costs $50 and 1 territory.


This is where you receive and send envoys in order to manage your foreign affairs. Not that anybody would even know that you exist, and that the Imperium would probably conduct all the real diplmoatic tasks, but it's fun to pretend.


This game ain't finished by a long shot. If you want to help, have any suggestions, critiques, email me at franklai2002@gmail.com.

Created by Francis Valeria(Frank Lai), 2017, with a lot of trial, error, and frustration.

This is the v 0.005 Pre-Alpha

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Frequently Asked Questions

Confused? Unsure about what to do? Here are some of the most common questions asked.

How do I start?

Go to the buildings tab and buy a farm.

But I don't have any money?

Go to expeditions and pillage!

I have a suggestion!

Great! Email it to me at (franklai2002 (at) gmail.com)


Here are thy messages!