Makes time go faster! Cannot go above than 10.
Slows time down! Cannot go below 0.


Here are thy messages!

A Little War

Welcome General, to your nation! Here are the latest statistics on your nation.




Here you can assign your workers!



Tax Collectors



In your service.


Here, go on expeditions and maybe return with something!


Here, build things that will make your citizens happy and you rich. At least in theory, anyways.


Produces 1.5 food each, you'll need it to feed your populace! Costs $10 and 1 territory.

Houses 5 extra people in your nation. Costs $75 and 1 territory.

Stores an extra 500 food, in better conditions. Costs $100 and 1 territory.


Allows you to hire swordsmen and archers! Costs $100 and takes up 2 territory.

Helps house and train better soldiers like pikemen and longbow men. Costs $250 and 3 territory.

Enhances your food production by 50%! Also, provides water. Costs $50 and 1 territory.


This is where you receive and send envoys in order to manage your foreign affairs. Not that anybody would even know that you exist, and that the Imperium would probably conduct all the real diplmoatic tasks, but it's fun to pretend.

The Crown 👑

This is the Imperium to which you belong. You pay taxes, and they fight your wars(mostly). They won't bother with any bandit or barbarian threats from within, the Army considers them 'too petty'. However, if you do decide to mess with them, like if you would declare independance from the Imperium, you can expect a quick and bloody death unless you're very prepared or allied with another great Imperium.

Benifits of having a good relation with the crown includes trade access with all of the cities under their control, a possibly lower tax rate, and favor in protection when other Imperiums attack your territory.

Right now, the roads are terrible and you haven't got an embassy, so they will get annoyed at the slightest interaction. Unless it is to pay taxes. Everybody loves taxes.

Relations: 10 (neutral)


The Church ⛨

Many years ago, there was a religious civil war in the Crown regions, and during the war, an enterprising pope built a state within the Imperium, using the instability in order to grow his empire. The war stopped before he could turn the entire Imperium into a theocracy, but there is still a Papal presence within the Imperium. They have vast amounts of control, being the official church of the entire continent. As such, they act as a mini-state, collecting tithes and participating in wars.

If you do ally yourself with this state, they can grant you virtual immunity to invasions by declaring your town a holy site, they will subsidize the construction of churches and the salaries of priests, subsidize papal education in your settlement, and even encourage migration into your settlement.

However, you can't really do anything right now, as you don't have a proper embassy to receive them in.

Relations: 0 (neutral)


Barbarians ⚔

These people on the other side of the forest are savages! These people wear pants with pockets on the left side instead of on the right side! They prefer to wear purses with two straps instead of one, and their religion refers to their 'God' as a thou instead of as a you! Also, they eat snails! Disgusting! It is postively your duty to smite them all!

They are very unfriendly. Any attempt to establish rapport ends with a beheading. However, if you somehow befriend them, they will provide protection from your enemies, stop plundering trade caravans, and may even join you.

Relations: -50 (hatred)


Canonmore ⚖

Your old rival. This is where you came from, where your rival governs, and where you intend to govern, by one way or another. However, that's not likely, so you're stuck treating them like a legitimate entity.

If you get on their good side, they'll lower trade prices, send more caravans, help you with military aid, and perhaps, if you're really on good terms with the population and have a large enough sack of gold...

Currently though, the roads between your settlements are blocked debris after by years of disuse. Which means you can talk, but you can't really do anything, and neither can they.

Relations: -10 (neutral)


Praxleton ⛏

A mining town in the mountains, they supply cheap ore for your village if you would so desire. There's a bustling industry there that makes croquet mallets, if you would like to play croquet with yourself.

Benifits of having a good relation with them includes trade access, cheaper prices, special gifts, and possibly even monetary aid. Once they are on friendly enough terms, they may decide to join you.

Relations: 10 (neutral)



This game ain't finished by a long shot. For example, this game requires cookies in order to work. Another example, this textbox is just here because string to array and array to string conversions with multiple variable types are really complicated. So, sorry to bother you about this. If you want to help, have any suggestions, critiques, email me at franklai2002@gmail.com.

Created by Francis Valeria(Frank Lai), 2017, with a lot of trial, error, and frustration.

This is the v 0.005 Pre-Alpha

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